Scapular Brown Carmel Mary Our Lady of Fatima 100% Wool

NOTE: Any brown or black-colored Scapular can be used as an Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Brown Scapular. The only requirements are for it to be 100% wool and have no plastic covering. It can have an image of a favorite saint (St. Anthony, St. Christopher, etc.) or devotion to our Lord or the Blessed Mother (the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Fatima, etc.).

This Scapular is hand-made by Rose Scapular Co. in California, USA from 100% Wool and conforms to all requirements and regulations for a true authentic Catholic Scapular! Rose Scapular Co. scapulars are simply the best, most durable and longest lasting Scapulars available anywhere, and feature:

- 100% natural wool (both scapular proper and cord)

- Durable, hand-made construction (each Scapular sewn individually)

- Oxidized Silver Crucifix AND St. Benedict Medal attached

Rose Scapular is the official supplier of Scapulars to many Catholic shrines, dioceses, and religious orders, including The Holy See (the Holy Father, the Pope) and the Vatican!

Buyer beware! Many sellers are trying to pass off cloth, fabric, or synthetic scapulars as true authentic scapulars. DON'T BE FOOLED! Only 100% wool Scapulars (Scapular proper AND cord) are approved by the Catholic Church for the Scapular devotion.

Size (inches): 2 x 1.5
Chain / Cord Length (inches): 17
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