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From our very beginnings, we have put our church customers first for service and value.

The story of Generations begins three generations and over 40 years ago, with our traveling father and son church supply business. Traveling from church to church, town to town, we cared for churches and faith communities throughout Ohio and the Midwest. From those simple beginnings, Generations has grown to be Ohio’s best dedicated church supply service, providing our institutional customers with only the highest quality products, knowledgeable care and service, and the best value on everything they need.

From the beginning, our ministry and our pride has been in providing our church and institutional customers with the highest level of dedication and service. Churches and institutional customers in the Diocese of Columbus and throughout Ohio choose Generations for their consumable needs, including hosts, altar wine, altar candles, incense, annual publications, and more. Our customers choose Generations for service, products, and savings that they cannot get anywhere else, notably because:

  • We are Ohio's exclusive church goods distributor of Cribari Altar Wines, the best tasting, canonically approved sacramental wines
  • Our prices on highest quality Cavanagh Altar Bread are the lowest anywhere, in Ohio or throughout the country
  • We sell Cathedral Brand Altar Candles, the most dependable, cleanest-burning church altar and devotional candles in the industry

Before you shop anywhere else, contact Generations for your church supply needs. Your support and dedication is our cornerstone as your local Catholic store and you continued patronage is deeply appreciated. The loyal support of our customers is the aegis that allows us to contine to serve you!

Always here to serve you, we have the products you need at the prices you want to see!

Ecclesiastical Appointments

Generations offers a large selection of Gold-Plated, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Glass, Crystal, and Wood altar appointments, both made in the USA and imported, to enhance the dignity of your liturgical celebration. We have exactly what you need, including:

  • Chalices
  • Scale and Bowl Patens
  • Stacking & Traditional Ciboria
  • Cruets, Pitchers & Flagons
  • Tabernacles
  • Monstrance & Reliquaries
  • Processional Crucifixes & Candlesticks
  • Sanctuary Lamps
  • Thuribles & Boats
  • Sanctus Bells
  • Altar Cloths & Paraments
  • Linens, including Corporals, Lavabo/Finger Towels, Purificators & others

And more! We represent ONLY the best and highest quality manufacturers in the United States and around the world, and deal with them directly, saving you time and money.

Sacramental Accessories

We at Generations have worked with many churches, ministries, ecclesial communities, and organizations throughout the years, helping them grow and becoming intimately acquainted with their consumable and ministry needs. We are happy to share our experience with you, to work with each of our institutional customers to ensure you have exactly what you need to exercise your ministry to the fullest, including:

  • Consumables (Hosts, Wine, Candles, Incense, Charcoal etc)
  • Ambries & Oil Stocks
  • Baptismal Tray Sets, Fonts & Accessories
  • Holy Water Fonts, Pots & Sprinklers
  • Traveling Mass Kits
  • Sick Call and Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick) Sets
  • Deacon Supplies & Accessories
  • Pyxes & Burses

And more! We take pride in ensuring that each of our church customers is fully equiped to fulfill their function as an active, vibrant community, grounded in the worship of the Blessed Trinity and service to all people.


The worship of God requires specific vestment to ensure necessary dignity. At Generations our team of knowledgeable and experienced church supply associates work with you to ensure that your church or community has exactly what you need for ministers and those who assist in the public worship of God, including:

  • Chasubles and Dalmatics, in many styles
  • Copes and Humeral Veils
  • Overlay and Sacramental-use stoles for Priests and Deacons
  • Matching Funeral Vestment Sets, including Casket Palls
  • Chalice Veils, Burses, & Maniples, including matching sets
  • Albs for Priests, Deacons, Concelebrants, MCs, & Servers
  • Rochets & Liturgical Orphreys
  • Cassocks, Surplices & Birettas for Ministers and Servers
  • Cinctures, Scapulars, and other accessories

And more! Whether you are shopping for a simple alb or an entire Pontifical Vestment Set (including miter), we will assist you every step of the way, working with ONLY the best and highest quality manufacturers in the United States and around the world. We provide the level of personalization and expertise that you WON'T find online or over the phone. Looking for something in particular? Contact us! We will find exactly what you need and get it to you as quickly as possible.

Clerical Apparel

Those who minister to God's people have specific needs for apparel and accessories. At Generations, we carry the largest supply of clerical apparel available to ensure that each of our customers has exactly what they need to look their best in their public ministry, including:

  • Tab and Neckband Clerical Shirts, in both long and short sleeve
  • Shirts in multiple styles and cuts, from both domestic and international suppliers
  • Shirts and accessories in all sizes, including slim and extra fit
  • Clerical Cassocks, in several styles, including highest quality for daily wear
  • Collars, including tab, collarettes, neckbands, comfort, Clericool, and more 
  • Rabats, Shirtfronts & Clerical Vests
  • Apparel for Deacons and other ministers

And more! Our services include fittings, to ensure that what you are purchasing is exactly what you need, up to and including custom fit and made-to-order products and accessories. We take great pride in ensuring that each customer has the exact product they need, and are not "shoe-horned" into an subpar product. We order from manufacturers all over the world, to ensure we have the widest range of high-quality options. For more information, please contact us today!

Liturgical and Ministry Books

Proper worship of God and care for Christian communities requires the necessary books and text. We have the books you need for worship, sacraments, and ministry, in many languages, including English and Spanish, including:

  • Roman Missals
  • Lectionaries and Books of the Gospels
  • Rites & Blessings Books
  • Baptism, Wedding, & Funeral Rite Books
  • Sick Call and Home Visit Aids
  • Homiletic Materials
  • RCIA & Sacramental Preparation Materials
  • Lector Workbooks, Annual Publications, Calendars, Worship Aids

and more! Be sure to contact Generations for your annual needs every year, including Lector Workbooks, Annual worship resources (Sourcebooks, Living Liturgy, etc) and more! We offer pre-purchase and bulk purchase savings on annuals, without the expensive shipping out-of-town stores charge.

Refinishing Services

Over time, valuble and irreplaceable chalices, patens, ciboria, processional crucifixes, candle stands, or other appointments become worn or damaged. These priceless pieces can have incredible sentimental or even historical value to an individual or an entire community. At Generations, we work with you and our exprienced restoration specialists to restore your treasures to pristine condition. From initial inquiry to final presentation, we guide you through the process and take the guesswork and stress out of what can and should be a joyful rediscovery of your precious heirlooms.

  • Initial estimates give you an idea of work involved, timing, and price
  • We handle all shipping and handling
  • Our expert restoration specialists first evaluate pieces by hand for all damages and defects
  • All necessary repairs, including dents, scratches, bends, and holes, are repaired
  • If pieces/parts are missing or beyond repair, replacement parts can be manufactured
  • All pieces are stripped down to base metal
  • Pieces are then refinished and plated for lasting durability

Please contact us for more information! We will be happy answer any additional questions you might have and help you begin the process!

If you are looking for something in particular for you or your church or community, our dedicated staff will work with you to find it. Please contact us for more information or further assistance.

Looking for more information? Contact us with your questions. We are here to serve you!