Chews Life Teething Rosary God\'s Grace

This beautiful silicone rosary is sure to bring joy to your home. The soft multicolored pattern is a beautiful edition for fall and this teething toy is not only soothing for your little one but it is also sure to help build wonder and love for the rosary.  Watching your child hold this Silicone Rosary is like watching them hold the hand of Mary.


Chews Life Soft Rosaries feature:

  • Miraculous Medal and nubby-backed cross

  • Sturdy organic cotton cord

  • Individually knotted decades and Our Father beads

  • Snap clasp for safe release

  • Food-grade FDA-certified silicone

  • Third-party lab safety-tested

  • Artisan-made in Michigan, USA

This rosary is named after St. Francis of Assisi.  Francis was born to a wealthy merchant in the town of Assisi, Italy.  He grew up very privileged and wanted for nothing. Francis greatly desired to make incredible triumphs in his life.  This led him to becoming a knight when Assisi went to war.  However, he was captured and was imprisoned for an entire year until he was ransomed back to his family.  This did not end his desire for glory.  He was headed off to join the 4th Crusade when he had a dream war God told him to go home.

Francis had not been leading a holy life oriented towards God. He had never striven holiness, but he listened to God’s voice and returned home. From there, Francis began to pray.  He repented of his sins. He spent time in solitude. A big turning point in his conversion was when he encountered a leper in the countryside.  Rather than avoid the leper, Francis embraced him. Francis truly believed that it was God who He embraced in that leper.

Francis’ mission really began when he encountered the Lord in the San Damiano crucifix.  From the crucifix, he heard Christ say, “Francis, repair my church.”  Francis initially took this literally to mean “rebuild this chapel you are in.”  Francis did this, but then went further in his mission to rebuild the Church. After being disowned by his father, Francis began to preach and started attaining followers.  He wrote a very simple rule that has now attracted thousands over the years.

Material (Fabric): Silicone
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