Graziani charcoal briquettes light quickly and burn hot.  They emit very little to no smoke, letting the vapor of the incense come through without the irritation of charcoal smoke.  Each briquette is manufactured with a concave-shape designed to hold the boiling granules of incense.  They are then vacuum packed in foil rolls for protection against humidity.

Graziani manufactures charcoal of three different grades, each with their own ignition and burning times in order to meet the requirements of all communities.  Below are the approximate ignition and burn times for the three types of Graziani charcoals available from Generations.

  Black Box Green Box Red Box
First Ignition 2 sec. 5 sec. 15 sec.
Total Ignition 28 sec. 30 sec. 55 sec.
Burn Time 40 min. 55 min. 70 min.

Self-lighting, just hold over a candle to start. 100 briquettes packaged in foil rolls.

Size (inches): 1.25
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