Over time, valuable and irreplaceable ecclesiastical appointments become worn or damaged.  These priceless pieces can have incredible sentimental and/or historical value to an individual or an entire community.

At Generations, we work with you and experienced restoration specialists to restore your treasures to pristine condition.  From initial inquiry to final presentation, we guide you through the process and take the guesswork and stress out of what should be a joyful rediscovery of your precious heirlooms.  Inquire today about restoring:

  • Chalices, Ciboria, and Patens
  • Processional Crucifixes
  • Candlesticks and Candle Stands
  • Lectionary Covers
  • Holy Water Pots
  • Censer and Boat Sets
  • Monstrances
  • Bells
  • Croziers
  • Tabernacles
  • Lecturns
  • Book Stands
  • Vases
  • Other Sanctuary Appointments

The restoration process is as follows:

  • We will examine the item in order to provide an initial estimate of work involved, timing, and price
  • We handle all shipping to and from the restoration specialists
  • Restoration specialists evaluate pieces by hand for all damages and defects
  • All necessary repairs, including dents, scratches, bends, and holes are repaired
  • If pieces/parts are missing or beyond repair, replacement parts can be manufactured
  • During a full refinish of the item, all pieces are stripped down to base metal.  Then, pieces are refinished and plated for lasting durability.

Please contact us today at (800) 743-7155 or (614) 451-7155 to reach an associate in our Church Goods division.


Water and/or wine should never be left in your Sacred Vessel for an extended period of time as it is corrosive to precious metals.

The Vessel should be carefully wiped with the purificator both inside and outside.  In general, the best cleaner for your Sacred Vessel is a soft cloth dipped in water that has been mixed with a small amount of baking soda or liquid dish washing soap, if baking soda is not available.


After cleaning the Vessel, dry and buff with a soft dry cloth.  If there is any tarnish on the item, hand rub with a treated polishing cloth.

CAUTION: Wipe lightly and sparingly so the finish is not damaged.

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